What NLE editor are you using?

What NLE editor are you guys using? I might look into another editor.
I had been using a little Adobe Premiere (trial), and was impressed with it. But I could not afford to buy a license. I then decided to purchase Adobe Premiere Elements 9. I figured it should be almost as good as Adobe Premiere, as I would not have needed the most advanced functions. But after using Adobe Premiere Elements 9, I must say im not to impressed. And the problem I feel is the speed. The Software seems more slow and less responsive then Adobe Premiere was. And actually HitFilm Ultimate feels quicker and more responsive than Adobe Premiere Elements.
So any similar experiences out there? You can see my specs in the signature.
Anyone has a better NLE editor to suggest out there?
Or should I invest in a better graphics card, with more RAM than 512 MB?


  • noisemaker209
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    I'm using Sony Vegas 7. (But I'll be upgrading to 10 soon cause' 7 doesn't support my new camera's video codec :dry: )
    Sony Vegas is my editor of choice, it's just really simple to use and decently smooth too. It can handle a good amount of layers, but once you pack on about 4-5 layers at a time it starts to lag. (The newer versions of Sony Vegas have RAM preview though)
    I actually used it for some compositing; it was cluttered, but it worked.
    Hope I helped! :D/
  • Sony Vegas is indeed a good editor.
    Other great programs are:
    - Avid Studio
    - Pinnacle Studio
    - Corel video studio
    But the Adobe software shouldn't be slow because its really good software used by pro's. Investing in a new video card should help because video editing software uses the latest technology available.
    A really good card is the Nvidia GTX560 Ti wich costs about 200 euro/250 dollars.
  • DanielMorgan
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    I have been using Sony Vegas Pro 10, its a fantastic editing system , very responsive. Avid is also good but expensive.
  • DreamArchitect
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    Hitfilm and Sony Vegas Movie Studio HD 10. Occaisionally an old version of Premiere Pro
  • SaiTurtlesninjaNX
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    I used a number of editors in my time.
    My last editors was Magix Moive Edit Pro 16 Plus. I got it for on sale for 60 buck. I must said it a grate easy editor.
    I Right now I'm still getting used to Sony Vages Moive Studio HD Platinum 10 Suit. My only problem with it that I wish it had more layers.
    In my opinion both Magix Moive Edit Pro and Sony Vages Moive Studio are the two best consume editor out there for us simi-pros and they also both used the simular layout as there pro verison. Which is grate it you want pro verison and you don't have to learn another new editor as you whould do with Adobe Premiere Elements to Adobe Premiere CS.
    Here a list of all the different software I'm now using.
    Sony Vages Moive Studio HD Platinum 10 Suit
    Fxhome HitFilm Ultimate
    Magix Moive Edit Pro 16 Plus
    Corel PaintShop Photo Pro X3
    Adobe Photoshop Elements 7
    I been upgrading like every 6 month for the past 2 year and I only started like 3 videomaking years ago. I came a long way in a short period of time and to think only a year ago I made first my commercial.