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Now Hitfilm can do open exr gives interesting posibilities and a nice workflow.

Hopefuly youtube hasn't pulled it because of music :-)

Trying to use each part for what I like to use them for there are lots of different ways to approach this obviously and cross over in all products :-)

I created, rigged and animated the model in blender exported to multilayer exr with various layers etc. for this I was just playing and kept it simple with a full composit and a layer with any emmision stuff on it only which is why the background is a bit bandy that's me not any of the apps had render sample fairly low.

Use blender to split the layers I want to use to single exr files, this is actual good as I can then split the composit layers over multile hard drives rather than just having them in one.

Import to Hitfilm, proxy, composit light rays, glows etc. which I really like.

Open in vegas which sucks with exr but that's fine as i'm opening the hitfilm link, use vegas proxy cability to proxy the hitfilm file then do all the audio in vegas which it's excelent at

Export from vegas,, again another strength as there are so many options but all the time it's ging back now to the source exr files.

Pretty cool!  Just need to get Add fixed in composit in hitfilm then we are good to go, used screen for this because of what it was, but need add for doing multi layer composit for more detail stuff. 



  • StormyKnight
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    Excellent! Thanks for sharing how you did this.

  • HarryTippetts
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    Did you use the auto volumetrics effect?

    I like how the beam adjusts to the aperture.

  • Triem23
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    Very fun motion, and hideous YouTube compression probably hid a few of the issues you had. The beam and flares are very nice. I actually like the screen--subtlety is good. 

  • mark_e
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    I ended up using gleam which i like I've used that before, because I had renderd everything you see below in the close up that was either emitting light or had bounced light into a separate layer then I could pump up the gleam without impacting anything else or having to mask it.  I also set a point layer to match there I knew the light was facing which I'd set upa secondary IK rig in blender to make it face the camera when i turned it on so knew where to put the point and used that to control where the gleam was pointing.  The aperture changing the size of the beam I got for free :-) as I was only applying the gleam on the layer that had the light on it so as the aperture closes there is less light so it matches and looks cool.  The light there i got a little carried away I have actualy model a halagon bulb, reflector and have proper glass in front with correct refractive index IRQ, absorbsion etc, completely over the top but I't a hobby not a living so I'm allowed to be overly detailed as no deadlines :-)  I should have really added some mist or something as you don't get that type of beam if there are no particles in the air, next time! 

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