Any thoughts on my nvidia 760ti

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As i continue to work through my crash and slowdown issues with certain projects, outside of making sure the media im using is imported in the proper formats for use, i wanted someones expert opinion on my graphics card specs. Any thoughts?

I own an Alienware r4 i7 machine with 16 g ram.. 3.9 ghz, 2 tb main drive with a newly installed 199g ssd.. 

Nvidia 760ti

GPU Engine Specs:

1344CUDA Cores

915Graphics Clock (MHz)

980Processor Clock (MHz)

102.5Texture Fill Rate (billion/sec)

Memory Specs:

6.0 GbpsMemory Clock

GDDR5Memory Interface

2 GBStandard Memory Config

256-bit GDDR5Memory Interface Width

192.2Memory Bandwidth (GB/sec)

Feature Support:

GPU Boost, PhysX, TXAA, SHIELD-readyImportant Technologies

3D Vision, CUDA, DirectX 11, SLI, Adaptive VSync, FXAAOther Supported Technologies2


PCI Express 3.0Bus Support1

YesCertified for Windows 7, Windows 8

3-waySLI Options3

Yes3D Vision Ready

Display Support:

4 displaysMulti Monitor

4096x2160Maximum Digital Resolution4

2048x1536Maximum VGA Resolution



One Dual Link DVI-I, One Dual Link DVI-D, One HDMI, One DisplayPortStandard Display Connectors

InternalAudio Input for HDMI

Standard Graphics Card Dimensions:

9.5 inches Length

4.376 inches Height


Thermal and Power Specs:

97Maximum GPU Temperature (in C)

170Maximum Graphics Card Power (W)

500Minimum System Power Requirement (W)5

Two 6-pinSupplementary Power Connectors

3D Vision Ready:

Yes3D Blu-Ray

Yes3D Gaming

Yes3D Photos



  • I think your card (and system) is just fine according to hitfilm specs. I run hitfilm pro 3 and HF ultimate 2 on an i7, 18gb, GTX 970 graphics card computer. I have even ran it on a computer with a GTX 560 ti so you are good to go. Will there be hiccups and crashes? Of course, it's a computer, newly released software, the moon is not straight today, etc.  :) Nice system, I might get the Area-51 with upgrades for basic 3D work.

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    Yep, sounds like a nice rig. I have the pre-predecessor of your card in my current rig, the 560ti, and have no problems with it, just a little slow when it comes to heavy effect work. You should be quite good with that :)

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    Awesome,  thank you.  :)