First Attempt at an Action movie

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Tried to make it sort of silly and over the top. Let me know what you think!



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    Yeah- a little silly but it was fun to watch! I noticed the Sarge asked if the remaining enemy guy was on drugs and yet, he seemed to recover quite quickly himself.

    The only disappointment was the enemy guy sliding down the hill in the snow with his gun raised- he didn't fire at the same time.

    Nice score. Did someone compose the music or did you find it online? It fit the action pretty well.

  • ChrisMurphy
    ChrisMurphy Website User Posts: 61
  • __simon__
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    That's a great first effort, I enjoyed watching it.

    A little constructive criticism: A few of the cuts seemed a little early, I don't know what the technical terms are (actually I don't know anything  about proper movie making, this is just my gut feel) so I'll just try to explain it. A couple of times it seemed like you'd cut to a new shot and the action starts maybe a second or half a second later, like you've cut just after saying action and the actors are still starting to respond, if the cut had been 'tighter' then it may flow better. Any way hope that helps you.

    Also, in the opening text I'm pretty certain "Now, there only" should be "their".

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