My Issue With Viruses From Fxhome

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I posted my issue in the Hitfilm reddit and somebody suggested posting what happened here.

Around the summer, I ran a scan with my Smadav virus scanner/protector. One virus was detected and the file came from HitFilm's FXHOME. I quarantined the virus bc I love this editor so much for my videos and was hoping this would be the only problem. The Hitfilm program also caused me issues with literally filling up my entire drive to a dangerous extent. I'd just delete the the app info whenever it took my drive from half full to nearly full to where my computer wasn't running smoothly. Now today I realized my computer was bugging out and decided to do a quick scan, showing that I got 6 viruses, all from Fxhome/Hitfilm. At that point there's no trying to delete the virus and using the application bc clearly this app is trying to take advantage of users. I don't know if it was always like this, but it definitely is now. And yes I downloaded it from the official site. I'm honestly sad about this bc this is such a good editor and I was just getting a hang of using more of the features. :(



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    @CedricBonnier Guessing this needs a check.

    @Jael head here and log a ticket. There has been no other reports to my knowledge in the community of a virus spreading.

    The disk filling up might be the proxy and caches, check the size of them, they can get mighty big.

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    @Andy001z Thank you telling me there's tickers bc I was trying to find where to send problems with the program. And all the space was being taken up by FXHOME specifically bc whenever I deleted the local data, i got half of my disk space back. The only other reason I can think of is if a virus from something else somehow got into my Fxhome files and isn't shown anywhere else. And not seeing much reports led me to be really confused about all this.
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    Can you list your computer specs? That would be helpful for others.

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    @Jael What files are the issue? Those "VBS.Encr[...]" files are not written by HitFilm.

    If you use HitFilm a lot, it can end up using a lot of disk space for various caches but those can be deleted from the application's options (File>Options>Cache) and more importantly, nothing should get flagged up by any anti-virus.

    I would uninstall HitFilm then delete everything in %LocalAppData%\FXhome\HitFilm. You can then run various virus scans to make sure that there isn't something else writing files in HitFilm's folders. Finally, download the latest version from the official website again and reinstall HitFilm.

    @Andy001z Thanks for tagging me