Ignite Pro is back

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The title might look a bit clickbaity, but if you take a look at Artlist Plugins you'll see that the plugins names and controls are the exact same as the effects included in HitFilm. It seems to me that Artlist Plugins is the Ignite Pro replacement, not sure why we've been told otherwise.

See here the Cine Style effect in Premiere Pro with the exact same controls (not my screencaps):

Propably there will be some effects missing compared to HitFilm Pro or Ignite Pro, but still it may be worth checking if you miss Ignite Pro or if you're currently using another NLE but miss some of the HitFilm effects. I assume more effects/plugins will be migrated over time.

At EUR 29,99 per month, considering you're getting stock music, stock video, sound fx, HitFilm Pro, Imerge Pro, the plugin suite and a bunch of templates, it's a pretty good deal, especially when you consider the Artlist license, which pretty much covers your social and even your commercial client work, films, etc. (commercial work licence would be EUR 10 more per month, but still).

Even if you need a HitFilm-only effect like the Particle Simulator, Mocha or Foundry's Camera Tracker, there'd be no problem as HitFilm is already included in your monthly subscription.

To all Star Wars fans out there: somehow Ignite returned.



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    You can check the full list of effects here: https://help.artlist.io/hc/en-us/articles/7542008439965-What-plugins-are-included-in-the-pack-


    • Zoom


    • Channel Mixer
    • Channel Swapper

    Color Correction:

    • Auto Color
    • Auto Contrast
    • Auto Levels
    • Tone Coloring

    Color Grading:

    • Cine Style
    • Classic Cine Style
    • Hue Colorize
    • Hue Shift


    • Derez
    • Witness Protection


    • Audio Spectrum (Adobe ONLY) 
    • Audio Waveform (Adobe ONLY) 
    • Auto Volumetrics
    • Clouds
    • Drop Shadow
    • Gleam
    • Grid
    • PiP
    • Timecode

    Gradients and fills:

    • Fill Color
    • Color Gradient


    • Film Damage
    • Film Grain
    • Scan Lines


    • Color Difference Key
    • Luminance Key
    • Invert Alpha
    • Remove Stock Background

    Lights and Flares:

    • Auto Light Flares
    • Light Flares

    Particles and Simulations:

    • Fire
    • Rain on Glass
    • Shatter


    • Sharpen
    • Unsharpen
    • Highpass Sharpen


    • Cartoon
    • Emboss
    • Find Edges
    • Threshold


    • Quad Warp

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    This may be an alternative but it still doesn't excuse how artlist has treated us. Once again FX home I don't think they have any control over anything anymore. We haven't even heard from artlist themselves. They're probably cowering in the corner to see how upset users are.

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    Honestly I don't get all the drama we're seeing in the community. We can buy HitFilm Pro at its lowest pricing ever and we still can buy perpetual licenses for both HitFilm Pro and Imerge Pro for those who aren't much into subscriptions. Beware a HitFilm Pro renewal is EUR 279, which isn't expensive for a perpetual license.

    People freaking out and going to other NLEs probably aren't aware of how much a decent plugin suite costs (ie Boris FX's Continuum) as it's something necessary to make any other NLE a good HitFilm replacement. Other NLE don't have anywhere near the embedded plugin tech HitFilm has.

    If the FXHome staff haven't said much is probably because they can't. I mean, I can't think of @KirstieT don't caring for this community, I mean that's not even possible.

    I think it might have helped to do a livestream and explaining what's going on like: "guys don't freak out, Ignite was gone but as you can see those plugins are going to be a way better replacement in some time".

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    To be fair I think I have been around longer than you have. So I have a lot more experience in the FX home community. The price is not the issue, the issue is just the lack of updates, the lack of communication that's where we have problems

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    Yeah I get your point. Sorry I didn't want to sound rude or anything, it's just what I've seen people complain about the most.

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    Yeah no worries I totally understand where you're coming from :)

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    This is a not a "replacement" for Ignite Pro, but rather just a sadly lacking subset. There are about 40-ish effects in that pack, while the version of Ignite Pro I have (5.0) has around 178(!) effects and the last version was very impressive: https://www.manula.com/manuals/fxhome/ignite-pro/2021/en/topic/introduction

    So, far from "Ignite Pro is Back!, this is more like "Ignite lite" or "ignite gimped".

    It looks like artlist is just throwing out a few scraps from Ignite Pro as a way to enhance subscriptions. If Ignite Pro isn't going to be sold as a complete package anymore, why not offer the complete functionality to subscribers instead of feeding them a few crumbs?