Brand New Graphic Novel Made using Hitfilm!

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After almost a year and a half and gallons of coffee later, my brother and I have finally been able to release our brand new original graphic novel on Amazon which was designed for reading on phones and tablets using the Kindle app.

We use 3D apps such as Daz Studio and then every render is then taken into Hitfilm Pro for colour correction, grading and tons of FX post work. Being a Sci-Fi based tale, Hitfilm was the sole application used for creating all of the FX and the space scenes (using lens flares, 3D clouds and coupled with Triune Digital assets such as their amazing Infinity assets) which allowed us to easily create the desired effect.

We made this in pretty much the same way a film would be with many elements shot against a greenscreen and later comped together again all in Hitfilm. Instead of using other apps such as Photoshop we even used HF in a way that photobashers would comp several images together to create a few of the very large panoramic shots. As Pro has the 3D camera option this gave us an easy and powerful way to also create 3D 'holographic' screens as a separate comp and then move that into another composite shot and adjust the angles where needed.

We're currently working on part two and another fantasy based graphic novel which again will use HF Pro extensively.

I've been using Hitfilm literally since it was out and I even go back to the early AlamDV days and have used this to make anything from Lego stopmotion Star Wars movies right up to where I am now as mainly an illustrator. And everytime I'm blown away with just how powerful this software is.

If you're interested in having a look at the finished work I've included the link along with some of the artwork! If you have Kindle Unlimited you can even read it for nothing!

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    Thank you @FilmSensei really appreciate it

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    @TheRealJayWalker Hi!! That space render looks great! I don't have a Kindle but rest assure I'll buy your e-book as soon as I get one :)

    Did you use the particle simulator to generate the 3D clouds?

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    Those are some great renders! I'll have to check out the book.

    I've always said Hitfilm was a great tool for photomanipulation and still graphic work.

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    Thank you @laconstantedeplanck really appreciate the comment! I used the 3D cloud preset which is in the 3D section of the FX list, and then adjusted the colour and the opacity to fit with the scene. The great thing about the 3D cloud is that its animated so I can then move to a different part of the play-head to make is more organic. I also sometimes used multiple with different colours to give a deeper effect. Having a flare behind them also helps light disperse through it which again gave a really nice effect!

    Years ago I followed the HitFilm nebula tutorial which gave me the principles on how to do this which I've carried on using today! The other swirly nebula stuff was Triune Digital assets from the Infinity Pack. All I did with them is find the right asset (used a lot of their Fluid files), change the blend mode to Add and then use colour temp to adjust the hue, added additional HSL and also other things such as glow to make certain areas pop!

    The comic will work on any device that supports the Kindle app so it works on Android and iPhone as well as tablets. The bigger device the better but it will work on the phone (albeit a bit small). I heard today that someone was reading it on a Chromebook and switched it to tablet mode (no idea how that works!) and was reading it that way so there's options!

    Thanks again for the interest :)


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    Thank you @Triem23 :)

    Yeah Hitfilm is by far my favorite photo manipulator and if it could in someway support Photoshop brushes I'd be one really happy man. As it's mainly aimed at moving pictures though I see that brush support probably doesn't make much sense, but one can dream!

    Thank you for the comment about the renders!



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    Looks good, my only feedback would be the size of the text in the speech bubble looks out of place for the size of the bubble and maybe have it solid not slightly see through. Love the images very cool.