Earning pocket money from VFX work

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Ok, so I'm not 12 so when I say Pocket money I am looking to understand if anyone has any experience or advice on if it is possible to earn any money from skills learnt in VFX. I would say my core skills are in compositing rather than editing.

I would love it if the past 8 years or so learning how to use and do compositing could pay some return without me going out and having to join a studio (I simply don't have time for that).

It might be a pipe dream but I like the saying, "If you don't ask you don't get."




  • Andersen01498
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    The best bet would get into freelancing. There are sites like fiverr. Be mindful that there will be people that will try to lowball you but it's a starting place

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    I'm a cynic and doomsayer these days, but, yeah, freelancing on sites like fiverr is pretty much the option.

    Except the new spate of AI tools are going to start eating away at available work in the next couple of years. I have a friend at Disney Interactive already fighting to keep 25 jobs on one of his teams.

    Edit: Fortunately, or not (depending on your views) ChatGPT hasn't been trained on Hitfilm. Asking it to explain how to set up a 3D model in Hitfilm Pro will give an incorrect answer.

    ChatGPT HAS been trained on AE, Premiere, Blender and Resolve. It can even write scripts for Blender and AE, which will eventually make it far easier to use those programs. Why search for a video tutorial when the AI will help you out on the fly?