My output quality is always alot worse then it supposedly says it it.

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So on hitfilm I make my video settings the premade 1080p 60 fps youtube preset. This is because I have a good computer ( not to brag well i mean its alright but it should definitely be able to record and run a game from 2008) and i am using OBS studio to record and the video it is recording is the same. 1080p 60fps.

When I watch the OBS clip in media player ( not hitfilm its just the windows viewer or something) it is good quality and runs fine. Its not OBS.

However when I put it in hitfilm and export it, it becomes low fps and the quality changes repeatedly. The screen goes blurry and weird patterns form.

I have put up with it for a while but my youtube videos have been getting more attention so I want to make higher quality videos.

I can only post 50mb files here so ill just link the video on youtube thats causeing the issue.

Thanks for reading this and I hope this is enough info.

I switched to using ShotCut instead and it fixed my problem. Happy to come back to hitfilm if i get a reply.


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    First of all, your video link is private.

    Second, "I have a good computer" tells us nothing. Please list system specs.

    If you know what fps your recording is in then make sure you have the same frame rate set in Project Settings in HF. HF should ask you to set a new project to the fps of the incoming video the first time you drag it onto the timeline. If you click don't ask me again you'll never see the requester. You have to go into File, Options, Prompts and Warnings to reset it.

    Could be you are recording OBS in variable frame rate? Set to constant frame rate before recording or convert with Handbrake. That might clear up the issue, as well.

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    You might also try remuxing your original files right in OBS to clear up compatibility issues: REMUX to MP4 from OBS' File menu, Remux Recordings.

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    @Stargazer54, OBS now has CBR/set frame rates and I have my OBS set to 29.97, I also set it to MP4/x.264 for output, and at 1920x1080, the same as my footage so all match.

    It looks good but have not had the opportunity to upload any clips done with it to YT as yet but OBS now does do fixed frame rates, which is good.