Why is Hitfilm Express crashing on every small things?

danielvoloshkevych14 Posts: 7 Just Starting Out*

Hey folks,

I really like to use Hitfilm Express. But sometimes is just un-use-able. I want to cut/slice a video - hitfilm crashes. I just want to playback my video - hitfilm crashes. I just want to apply a color correction effect onto my video clip....... hitfilm has been crashed! same thing happening sometimes when I try to scroll through my video... these crashes does happen quite often. Not every day, but often.

Its a pain in the ass to get crashes for like EVERYTHING I want to do.

My pc specs:

GPU: RTX GeForce 3060 (12GB Vram)

CPU: Threadripper 1920x (12 cores)

128 GB Ram

Idk if this is my PC hardware messing with me or just Hitfilm is unstable...

my Hitfilm version is: 2021.3

I would appreciate some answers.

Thanks in advance.