Downfall of Filmora = same trajectory of Hitfilm?

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Is Hitfilm going to end up like Filmora? 2023 is near and we haven't seen much. All we have seen is a disappointment. What is happening to Filmora as explained in this video parallels what Fx home/artlist has done to many users. I feel like this community is getting pretty thin these days. All I have been seeing in regards to community threads with all platforms including Twitter, Reddit, and This site, I see this..... Hitfilm is crashing, I don't understand the new subscription plan, I am leaving.....the list goes on.

I hope Fx home doesn't go spiraling down but I do have a feeling that they have lost a lot of loyal users. Any thoughts?


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    그러나, 그들은 업데이트 마다 버그 수정이 아닌 효과를 추가하고 


    또한, 그들은 FXHOME 처럼 미래에 거대한 업데이트가 있을 것처럼

    이야기하지 않습니다.

    언제부턴가 나는 히트필름 개발자들의 능력에 의문부호를 찍고 있습니다.

    However, they add effects, not bug fixes, with every update.

    there is.

    Also, like they will have huge updates in the future like FXHOME

    don't talk

    At some point, I put a question mark on the ability of hit film developers.

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    It's not encouraging that the last year or two of HF updates has been substantially underwhelming.

    And of course they somewhat hide the (no longer very good due to lacking updates) "perpetual" option, making it very clear that it's not a priority for them.

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    Just to chip in, the Filmora scandal appears to be very different, in that they clearly sold forever licences with upgrade support included, however they have since said that this is no longer available to new and existing userbase. I am not 100% up on how much they charged for this (frankly makes no sense business plan) but they messed up. Fxhome however have always been clear that there licence has been 1 year from purchase date for updates, but the software is yours for as long as it works. The new subscription plans provide access to the latest software at a monthly cost, or pay for the annual fee and keep the software (without out future updates) forever.

    I am not saying I fully support the current business model that FXhome is making but I do understand that in order to provide big ticket developments they have to pay the way. I am still hopeful that 2023 will have some big features.

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    UPDATE: with Filmora's community stepping up and calling on Filmora's BS....the users got what they wanted. Take a look

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    Hmmm. . . . interesting. (love the little kicker at the end)

    But again, as @Andy001z points out above, Filmora and HF are two different entities (although they confusingly share UI similarities). At this point, I don't see any threat that Filmora's issues would spill over to Artlist/FXHome.

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    @Stargazer54 I am hoping you are right! I need to see a reason to go back to FX home at this stage. I haven't invested in any of their products lately.

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    Back in the day, buying one years worth of updates ("perpetual" license) pretty much ensured you'd get some great/major updates.

    For the last few years, that has not been the case. As Artlist's main means of profit has always been subscriptions, I'm assuming they'll continue to keep perpetual licenses a poor value proposition (i.e. no great updates guaranteed in any given year of updates) while continuing to hide that option in favor of highlighting HF subscriptions.

    My other assumption is that the discontinuation of the excellent "Ignite Pro" product (which allowed other editors to leverage much of what makes HF Pro great) is another strategy to push people toward HF Pro Subscriptions.

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    @spyresca I do agree....when I bought the perpetual license for a while there were many great updates in a year. Now its pathetic. We need answers. We haven't heard anything from Artlist the company itself.

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    In 2019, a 3D Camera Tracker, UI enhancements, panel improvements, 3D Video textures, Effects like Highpass sharpen, chromatic abberation, tone coloring and other useful effects & After Effects plugins integration, and performance fixes were introduced to Hitfilm. I use these features in 90% of my projects.

    In 2022, Hitfilm received a more colorful interface, a Learn tab, a freehand path tool, and some stroke effects, that i dont see many uses for. Support for Cinematic 4K (4096 x 2160) was also introduced to Express in 2019. However, in 2022, it was removed. It only supports (1920 x 1080) as of now.

    Fxhome stated on stream, that they removed support for resolutions over 1920 x 1080 for express, to make the pro versions/subscriptions more appealing, and also stated that they dont think the new free Hitfilm is downgrade, due to scopes being supported. But it definetely makes more sense to implement new features for the pro versions, instead of removing a big feature from the free version, to give the paid one more value.

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    First, promises of something "new" for Ignite Pro. Then, disappointment. It will no longer be supported after almost a year of nothing. I really like Ignite and still use it in Vegas Pro.

    There hasn't been anything worthwhile since Artlist took over for HFP. Ignite Pro and HFP2021.3 are the end of the line for me.

    Too many other options out there without subscription being forced slowly upon you. Anyone hear of BorisFX? Continuum Complete 2023 is great! And the yearly upgrade for perpetual around Black Friday is $150. Since it's OFX, Resolve Studio and Vegas make use of them. Awesome. It's the Ignite replacement.

    Those looking for answers, they've had plenty of time to "leak" something to keep the excitement going. But I saw the hand writing on the wall and know what Artlist's model of sales is. Someone made some nice money on the sale....

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    Filmora is about the legal contract for those that bought lifetime licenses with 9 and before. Filmora fudged on it, got called out, and had to give in to those that bought it 9 and before.

    Artlist is a totally different kettle of fish. They thought that their product would entice everyone to join in and subscribe. And who here really work with vertical video? Is that really the core HF user?

    Too bad Vegas couldn't buy them.... the software worked well with Vegas for years.

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    Fxhome or Artlist should really tease what they are working on regarding the software. The last year has made a lot of people dissapointed in the software and the direction its heading. They should give people a reason to stay.

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    Sad to say, but it's clear from the activity on this forum, and responses from some of the regulars, that Hitfilm is pretty much dead now. Nothing new, no incentive at all to invest further. Does look like the Artlist deal has killed it off, and it'd take something special to bring it back. But there's no sign of that happening unfortunately.

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    @Blackmath glad to see that I'm not the only one that noticed the activity on this forum. This forum was thriving now its almost dead. What a shame!

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    Hitfilm was a program in which both the program makers and the users started from their gut feeling. And that brings creativity and challenges on both sides and it became a great program

    And someone who is creative in film editing has no use for a site with thousands of pre-made fragments. He wants to create himself and not pay every month for something he will never use in his life

    so they have left the building together with the devellopers ;-(

    But you can't blame the devellopers for going for the money. Hitfilm was a good program,

    But with artist it is now a stand still , and standing stll is going backwards.

    And that is what is happening now.

    Personally, I would also have preferred that they sold things to Vegas

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    @Andersen01498 No, you're not the only one, I only check in here every few weeks nowadays, and unless there is a bug in the latest update, or a post like this one, with long time users voicing their woes, nobody seems to have posted anything since I last checked. Very sad, considering a couple years ago you could pretty much come back every day and find a entire new page of forum posts.