HitFilm now supports ProRes exports on Windows!

laconstantedeplanck Posts: 123 Enthusiast

I'm not sure if you guys know about it, but the latest version of HitFilm (2022.4) now supports exporting in Apple ProRes on Windows! There're different presets on the export panel:

You can even fine-tune the codec if you need to:

I want to thank FxHome for this new feature, especially now that seems to be a lot of negativity around the community :) It's very useful when sharing stuff with other people during the post-production stage.

If you want to read the full release notes, you can find them here:

HitFilm 2022.4 Full release notes - FXhome

I miss the videos we had with @IamJoshuaDavies explaining every new feature implemented. I hope we get them back in the future :) @KirstieT