Hitfilm crash - Proc AMD (APU) [solved]

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Hi, Guys,

When i clic play : cursor goes on but video is freezed and Hitfilm crash.

Tests with HD, FHD, différent projects, différent Hitfilm settings, different Windows settings (last: font 150%).

My opinion : kind Hitfilm tries to expand over windows taskbar. Crash also when Windows taskbar setting is on automatic hiden. Same crash with "high dpi scaling" enable or not. Is Hitfilm "responsive" with 2K 16/10e ? Because fonts are so small...

Hitfilm Express 2021.3 (18.0.12407.12817)

Windows 11 and drivers up to date (AMD Radeon 31.0.12014.3005)

AMD 6800HS (just APU Rembrant, no graphic card)

Need help, please.



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    I finally succeed to install Hitfilm. Hope all the plugins i bought in Hitfilm Express are included.

    Same crash as Hitfilm Express...

  • Scalap75
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    Finally, afters a couple of hours...

    No need to change anything in Windows 11 !

    In Hitfilm, just uncheck "Use hardware decoding if available"

    Go to: Files - Options - Render

    Seems to work fine ! 👍️

    But don't know if Hitfilm use iGPU Rembrant RDNA2 power to decode ?

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    There is a known bug in current AMD GPU drivers with respect to hardware video decoding and various apps. That is likely why turning HW decode off fixed things for you. I believe the current recommended AMD GPU driver is Adrenalin 22.5.1 Recommended (WHQL). Hitfilm support would now the latest details on this matter.