Hitfilm Express Crashes if i pause the viewer.

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Hello there! I've recently been encountering a few problems with Hitfilm express. Sometimes if I press play on the viewer, the audio starts, but the video doesn't, and all the other buttons still react to me hovering over them. However if I then pause it, or press any other button, Hitfilm freezes. This does not happen if I scroll down the timeline, or do anything else in Hitfilm. It only happens if I use the viewer. I believe this to also be related to this issue posted on the forums a while ago: https://community.fxhome.com/discussion/53548/freezing-after-pause-new-8-5-update-15-0-10327-54763

Here's the technical stuff:

CPU: i7-8700k

GPU: Radeon RX Vega

Os: Windows 10 (Education Edition) - Version 22H2.

Hitfilm (Express) Version: 2021.3 (Latest)

Total RAM: 32GB

Measures I have already taken:

Updated GPU Drivers

Reinstalled Hitfilm Express


If I launch Hitfilm without using administrator permissions, I get an error for insufficient specifications. If I launch it with Administrator Permissions it doesn't. I believe this to be a bug as my PC fulfills all Requirements (To my knowledge). This problem with the viewer crashing has only occurred recently though, and I've had this error way before the viewer crashing problem.

Could this be related?

Thanks In advance!