how do I reset every setting like I just got the program again?

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The program keeps crashing anytime I try and open a project or start a new one and the only thing I did is try and have it display a preview on my 2nd screen. Even after a reinstall and even doing a search on my pc looking for every file and deleting it the program still remembers my setting that keeps causing the crash.


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    Go to FILE/OPTIONS at the top of the screen (assuming you are on Hitfilm Free pictured here since you didn't mention it.)

    At the bottom of the tab that opens you will Restore General defaults under the General Tab, but it changes with each tab to those defaults like the PROMPTS & WARNINGS tab pictured here:

    Apparently, there is no blanket reset defaults that covers all that I can find so you have to do it for each sub category to be sure you get all unless you know what categories you changed and what you didn't. Hope this helps you out.