Hi, and BYE. This forum does NOT work as it should.

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new user here, and well, I already hate the way this forum works. Ridiculous.

Just "TRIED" to properly post a known past issue and the PROPER solution to it in a structured thread, but I had to re-edit a few things after posting...well, the post is each time removed "until approval" WHILE STILL EDITING it !! I wasn't DONE with the post but the Hitfilm team finds it appropriate to remove it off my hands until they approve it. So now they aree to approve a post that wasn't yet finished.

What a useless way of dealing with new posts! I now have two or three times the same thread post in "limbo" until approved, all three with slightly different editing and only the last one is to be used. We SHOULD be able to edit posts afters posting without them being removed after a minute. I just CANNOT edit the post to its finalized form, it has been removed three times in a row.

This is beyond stupid. Any other forum I've been to in the past twenty years I've been able to edit a post after posting. EITHER it is IMMEDIATELY held back until approval, OR it remains posted. Here though, the post gets posted and you start editing it to fix some typos, and suddenly after a minute it is gone again before you're done editing the typos and other mistakes.

So I'm out as fast as I was into this forum. As with support for past versions, the workings here as anything but proper.

So "hi",... and "bye".


  • Blackman159
    Blackman159 Posts: 5 Just Starting Out

    I'm not even gonna fix the above typos anymore, the post will be removed again. Pfff.

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    Blackman159 Posts: 5 Just Starting Out
  • Blackman159
    Blackman159 Posts: 5 Just Starting Out
    [{"insert":"Again, that insert stuff I did not do, its the forum MALfunctioning.\n"}]
  • Blackman159
    Blackman159 Posts: 5 Just Starting Out
    [{"insert":"And again. Just stop, I'm out. Way to go.\n"}]
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    @Blackman159 AFAIK there is no waiting period for new posts. (Although I think there is a time limit for new users before they can edit a previously posted item.) Tagging @philipwesson to take a look.

    There may be a technical conflict with the app or browser at your end conflicting with the forum software. Just a guess. Which browser or app are you using? From your previous few posts above there is some code creeping in that shouldn't normally be there.

    The only reason a Moderator would delete a post is if it is identified as Spam or some other violation of the forum rules. Generally this refers to spam, profanity, pirating software, etc. If you have a legitimate comment, then no one is going to fool with it and if they do, you will receive a reason.

    I checked your profile and the only one conversation logged - is this one. So..... I think this is probably a technical issue.

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    Though while we are on the topic of improving this forum please for the love of this community add a drop down menu to enhancement or feature. It is very cumbersome to add the stupid brackets and type those words every single time. I have been asking for this for years now since you revised this forum. This needs to be a high priority. This fix will cut down all the posts that are improperly formatted. @philipwesson