If I renew my perpetual license in the future, will I get those "update" buttons in the software?

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I like Hitfilm Pro. I've used it for nearly 3 years. But after the updates in June. I noticed, when I tried the software, there was A LOT of orange upgrade buttons. It threw me off, and looked quite ugly. Im wondering if there is an update later on that i would like to get, would it give me those upgrade buttons when i choose to pay for the perpetual license instead of the subscription?

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  • NormanPCN
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    But after the updates in June. 

    Those updates mid year are not updates in the tradition sense. The new Hitfilm installs from this year are considered new/separate software from previous Hitfilm Pro and Express. The new/current version installs separately from older Hitfilm (2021). Both can exist on the same machine at the same time.

    So you see the upgrade button on effects and such because what you have installed is the Free version of the current Hitfilm. Those features requiring a paid license have the upgrade button.

    If you renew your Hitfilm Pro license, thus a perpetual license, then the current version of the Free Hitfilm installed will become a perpetual license Hitfilm. Probably via a deactivate, re-activate cycle. The upgrade buttons will disappear. Hitfilm Pro perpetual contains all effects and such. A perpetual license does not have the library media assets of the subscription.