Some new bundles from Humble Bundle

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Software bundle 1 - Vegas Pro Edit 18, Music Maker Premium, Mercalli V5, Movie Studio 2022, more

Software bundle 2 - Corel Painter 2022, PaintShop Pro 2022, Video Studio Pro 2022, + more.

Software bundle 3 - Luminar AI photo software, 20 additional software photo packs.

Each bundle is only $25 or $30.

Bundles expire in 1 - 2 weeks.



  • Dimipapa
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    Recommend VEGAS Pro 18, I'm still using it. I was thinking of upgrading this year because the newest version has a pretty cool new effect that lets you isolate a color spectrum and change just that hue to something else. You could still do that without the effect only its more work. But I Just didn't want to dive into the new UI.

  • Triem23
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    @Dimipapa note Vegas 19 and 20 also change some of how plugins are handled. I have a bunch of stuff that won't run in Vegas 20. And my whole Vegas workflow revolves a lot around Vegasaur and UltimateS

    I only bought Vegas 20 for BRAW support. Think I'm gonna ask Magix for a refund, revert to Vegas 17 (18 was problematic for me and I skipped 19 - the only version of Vegas I've skipped, ever, since v1 in 1999), and start moving towards Resolve in the future for projects shot on my Blackmagic cameras.

    Well. 23 years with Vegas was a long time. Nearly half my life!

  • Manhit
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    Just an FYI  that the Mercalli V5 included in the bundle is only for non-Vegas versions of Magix video editing software. Vegas Edit 18 is excellent for me and I still use it with Hitfilm integration. @Triem23 , how do you find editing in Resolve vs Vegas? I always find myself returning to Vegas when I am editing with a deadline. Personally, I always find the editing in Resolve more cumbersome and time consuming but the colour grading tools are incredible. If you have a perpetual licence for Vegas that you try to return could you tell us your experience? I find that Magix only seems to respond to refund requests if you live somewhere in the EU.

  • Triem23
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    @Manhit haven't edited anything in Resolve yet.

    Fortunately, I live in an EU country!

  • Andersen01498
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    Editing in resolve has been super fast and efficient @Manhit

  • spyresca
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    Just purchased the Vegas Pro 18 humble bundle, and it looks good. Very happy to see it supports my (now deprecated/discontinued) version of Ignite Pro.

  • Dimipapa
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    edited December 2022

    @Triem23 Nice. So you had it when it was just an audio program. My first version was platinum 8. It was difficult to learn at first coming from windows movie maker. I started to outgrow it after a couple years, the first version of pro I was able to afford was 12. Which I used for quite a long time. From the release notes I would say versiono 13 and 19 were the most skipable. I really don't wanna stop using VEGAS if I can avoid it, but I'm glad resolve is working out for you. My experience messing around with the free version left me Impressed.

    @spyresca I messed around with the demo of version 20. Apparently since Ignite uses openfx it should continue to work for quite a while. Something I'm grateful for since I used more Ignite FX than MAGIX.