Hitfilm Pro effects questions

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Hello Guys & Gals,

I have a couple of weird questions and hope to do something With Still Photos & Video mixed in together, with effects.

So I want to have a picture of a Christmas Tree and add my own decorations and then add lights that flash. Beside the tree I will be importing another picture of a fireplace. Then inside the fireplace a video of a fire.

My question is how can I create an effect of flashing colored lights on the picture of the tree?

So as the movie plays the fire will be real and I want lights on the tree to flash and then behind window I want snow falling .

Hope that makes sense.

Thanks in advance



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    Are these pictures of a real Christmas tree, fireplace and window or are they clipart or cartoon style pictures? Do you already have stock footage of snow falling and a fireplace fire or do you need to find some? Can you provide more details as to the look and feel of what you're doing? for example, is the camera moving in this scene?