OFX plugins change path for install

Is there anyway to change the path to where the OFX plugins are installed?

I want to be able to use them in Vegas Pro, but they are interfereing when I open Fusion. 

They're being installed in C:\ProgramFIles\CommonFiles\OFX\Plugins. Can I point the path to \OFX\Hitfilm\Plugins or \OFX\Sony\Plugins? Or some other path?



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    I believe the install location is part of the OFX system - ie, any OFX plugins you install are likely to install to that same place, so that OFX hosts are able to find them.

    What exactly happens when you launch Fusion? Is it taking longer to launch than usual?

    We've had similar reports that the plugins slow down the launch of Final Cut Pro X. It's something we're looking into - the main thing is to identify whether this is a side effect of OFX in general, an issue with Fusion and FCPX, or an issue with the way we've implemented the HitFilm plugins.

    Obviously if it's the latter, then it's something we need to address. If it's either of the former then it might not be something we have direct control over.

    Thanks for your report, though - feedback like this is really useful and helps to improve the product for everybody.

  • Thanks Simon. The issue is that, since the plugins aren't able to be used in Fusion, a screen pop-ups to indicate that Fusion had an issue loading the plugin and since there are about 50 to 60 plugins, I have to "OK" out of each message.

    I can rename the folder and start Fusion with no problem. But, I will have to rename the folder back to use in Vegas.

    Fusion looks to have a start up variable that can point to where OFX plugins are loaded, so, I will try that; so, that I can start each program without interference.

    It would be nice to have the ability to point HF to a folder of my choice to load plugins though.

  • SimonKJones
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    That does sound intensely annoying! Sorry about that.

    My understanding is that as the plugins aren't released for Fusion, Fusion shouldn't be even trying to load them in the first place - let alone throwing up errors as you describe. But as mentioned earlier, I'm not sure at this point whether the problem is the way our OFX plugins are working, or Fusion's way of scanning OFX plugins. I'll keep prodding the tech guys here so we can get to the bottom of it.

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    The issue is that the default OFX folder is being accessed by by Vegas and Fusion. All that is needed on my side is:

    1. When the plugins are being installed, point to the folder I wish to install them to or

    2. Have a way to point each program to where I wish them to check for OFX plugins

    Nothing is wrong, per se (as I knew the plugins wouldn't be usable by Fusion). It's just I've never had to deal with plugins, and not familiar with how they are installed to a "Common" folder where all programs that can use OFX type plugins will access that folder. It would have been nice to have a message or pop up that said something like "These plugins will be installed in this folder <pathname>. Any other programs accessing this folder for plugins, might encounter issues. Would you like to install plugins in another folder?"

    I wasn't sure if there was a way for HF plugins to be installed into another folder, or if I could configure each program to look in another folder; thereby, bypassing any plugins that would not work.

    Perhaps if the plugsin were installed in \OFX\Plugins\Hitfilm\ and not \OFX\Plugins, that way they wouldn't be in the default location where other programs look, as well. 

    OFX, in general, is a good idea. However, if there is only one location where all OFX plugins are being dumped and all programs are trying to access them and some work and some don't, then, I feel that aspect is not so good.

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