[FEATURE] Add counters

SquidyGP Posts: 6 Just Starting Out*
Add the ability to add a counter into a video that starts from X number and ends at X number in X amount of time.

Make it so the counters numbers can bent/curved in a certain way, and also make it so the counters position and bend/curve can be keyframed in a composite shot.

In addition to this, perhaps add different variations of a "counter" feature, such as a countdown with "H:M:S" or "M:S:MS".

The ability to make a counter by simply typing a start number, an end number, and the amount of time it takes between the two numbers would be extremely useful for multiple different projects of any aspect.

A perfect example of this feature being used is in the following video; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jm1G2SzXf20&t=2s