HF Pro 2022.3 crash to desktop; just did update install from 2022.2

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Just updated, now I can't get HF Pro to stay open?

1st attempt after update: did not get past splash screen.

2nd attempt, could open a project for 10 seconds before a dump.

3rd attempt and following, now, I can open a specific project and see the relinking dialog. but if it sits idle there for 10-15 seconds, it crashes to desktop. Even if I cancel the relinking dialog, it CTD's after 10-15 seconds, before I can even click anywhere else in the project.

I tried a different project, which does not need relinking of assets. It seemed to stay alive and I played with it some, stayed OK. Clicked a bunch of stuff, edited, saved, etc., seemed OK.

Then, opened another project (which was cloned from the OK project above), and crash to desktop per usual after 15s, no matter what I do.

Both the OK project and the not-OK project were HF Express projects that were converted by HF Pro 2022.2 many weeks ago, no issues.

2022.2 did not have this issue as of 10 minutes prior to the update install, worked fine/normal.

Repair installation did not fix, reboots, nope.

PC/high-spec system/drivers and OS up to date. There have been no system software or hardware changes in between versions.

Anybody with similar issues?



  • pdok
    pdok Posts: 8 Just Starting Out*

    OK, just reverted back to 2022.2, problem solved. Works perfectly fine again.

    So, since I'm a new HF Pro purchaser, can someone answer whether this sort of thing is commonplace? I.e., should I avoid upgrading until the new version is matured? In HF Express, I also encountered a bad version rev, and went backward one step until I could go forward two steps. Figured it was free, but that the paid version would behave better in that regard.

    I'm already archiving important projects in the version created in, before updating the project itself. If I can just revert back, that is far from ideal, but would save my work.

  • CedricBonnier
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    @pdok Sorry you are experiencing issues with the latest update. We are not aware of any issues that would prevent the software from launching in the latest version.

    Could you share which GPU you have and which driver version you are running please?

  • pdok
    pdok Posts: 8 Just Starting Out*

    Nvidia 2060, 526.98

    Win 10, 3900X, 32GB

    I hadn't seen any other comments with this issue, but going back to prev version fixed it immediately.

    I did a complete uninstall to revert back, but I didn't have time to try a reinstall of .3 at that point. I just went right to .2 again to get some work done.

    As mentioned, I did a repair install of .3 without effect, which I'm assuming is probably not quite the same as uninstall/reinstall.

    The odd thing is, on .3, I could just leave it sitting on the opening window, where no project is open, and it would crash sometimes, and other times, it didn't seem to want to crash until I opened that project.

    Each time it crashed, it was trying to do something (unknown), b/c I got the windows spin/wait circle. I thought it was trying to process media links, perhaps, but it would crash without the relink dialog too.

  • CedricBonnier
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    @pdok There was an issue with one of the "Game Ready" drivers in NVidia, which I believe is fixed in the latest drivers so I would update to that and try again.

    If HitFilm isn't starting, you can always contact support, we can often help a bit better than on the forums.