Exported video is broken

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edited November 2022 in HitFilm

When I export a video it has a part where it tears and becomes pixel mess.

I export the video in the youtube 1080hd preset with 60 frames.


  • NormanPCN
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    Only guessing as that is all that is available to me.

    You are probably using the Free version of Hitfilm. Current version, or Express >= version 2021.2. These versions are using the operating system video AVC encoder (you mentioned the Youtube preset). Probably Windows. This encoder can have such issues in some circumstances with high motion, which is common video games especially with twitchy/fast camera movement. The only cure for this is to raise the export bitrate.

    The Hitfilm Youtube 1080 preset is setup for <= 30fps. It says so. Higher frame rates want a higher bitrate to maintain the same visual quality. So this preset is likely already a bit deficient for your stated 60fps. More likely here you are running into the Windows encoder quality issue.

    To raise the bitrate you need to create your own export preset and set the average and max bitrates higher. You can duplicate the Youtube preset and edit that copy. That way most settings are already reasonably setup in the new preset.

    How much should you increase the bitrate. This in indeterminate. In one test case I posted on this forum, I found I needed to increase it 2x. You might need less, you might need more. Increasing the bitrate will increase the file size proportionately.