Black Friday sale/update?

Andersen01498 Posts: 1,195 Enthusiast

Any Black Friday sale or update? I have heard absolutely nothing. When will the log of updates be shown again? Why was that taken off your site.....

I remember the days when I was really excited to hear about a new release. It was like opening a Christmas present.


  • CedricBonnier
    CedricBonnier Posts: 1,235 Staff

    @Andersen01498 With the new website we have lost the list of all updates with changelog. It will be added back but these things take time.

    Regarding the next release, 2022.3 came out two weeks ago and we are working on the next update but it will take a bit more time. No promises on date or features included though 🤐

  • Spokid
    Spokid Posts: 14 Just Starting Out*

    Looks like a "no" on the Black Friday sale, just like last year. That's really unfortunate. One of the reasons I was able to become a Hitfilm Pro user is because of that sale.

    Sometimes it feels like we're getting further and further apart between the things we want and the things they're giving us. The subscription model no one wanted...the abandoning of programs people used...the foregoing of Black Friday sales...

    The community is telling them what we want, and it seems as though they can't hear us, or don't care to listen.