New Hitfilm subscription plan

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Some years ago, I decided to dump my Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 when Adobe started to work with annual subscription. I migrated to Hitfilm Pro, despite some serious shortfalls. I liked Hitfilm but I always felt frustrated that FX guys were more interested in developing light saber effects than prioritizing the building a serious Editing/Compositing platform that could have been a real challenger to Premiere Pro. To say nothing about Action Pro which was abandoned as soon as released. I had purchased this unfinished application which I never used. Now Hitfilm is also going to subscription mode and in my opinion it is wasting their major advantage. It may be a huge strategic error because at that (annual) price, it is inferior to Premiere Pro. I feel compelled to dump it...and go try DaVinci Resolve. I don't know if others are sharing this feeling. Too bad!


  • Triem23
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    The Perpetual license option for Hitfilm Pro remains, same as it ever was. Just noting.

  • Spokid
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    @Triem23 Yes, but let's not pretend they aren't going out of their way to downplay that.

    The Hitfilm page has buttons all over for "Subscribe Now", not "Buy Now".

    When you go to the pricing page, the link for perpetual licenses is near the bottom, in grey, on a dark background, surrounded by other white text, which, from a design aspect, would draw your eyes away from it.

    Even the storefront for the perpetual licenses doesn't appear to have been updated visually like the rest of the website.