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Seasky Posts: 10 Just Starting Out
Hello! I've recently started learning Hitfilm (and video editing) and I've seen some guides for Mographs, but I have two questions.

For context: I watched a tutorial for Hitfilm that uses a Lightsword Effect to draw on the air and another one that uses a Lightning Effect (that removes the branches and other effects) to create a simple line in order to make a Callout (also using Hitfilm).

My first question is:
Is this the normal/usual way to make Mographs in video editing? I felt it was very 'gimmicky' (although very ingenious), but is there another more appropriate software to make these Mographs (to then reimport to Hitfilm)?

My second question is:
When making Mographs, how much are downloaded templates/presets and how much is made from scratch?
I know that this probably varies a lot depending on reusability, but I feel overwhelmed watching videos like Vox's: just getting timings correctly + editing feels like it would take a lot of time, so when I add the time for making animations from zero and ALSO timing those, it feels like a 10 minute video would take a week to edit.
(by the way, I'm talking about 3d-cameras, camera panning, graphs and maps, NOT Animating Movement (since (I think) that takes a lot more time to do).

(I understand editing and making mographs take a lot of time, I just don't want to 'waste' time because I never looked for any alternatives!)


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    Seasky Posts: 10 Just Starting Out
    Oh, to clarify I'm talking about less graphic intense channels taking a week to make (that probably doesn't since channels with a similar feel can 'pump' more than a video a week).