I have Ideas for FXhome

danielleget15 Posts: 2 Just Starting Out*

1. Add Motion Tracking, Zoom In, Zoom Out, Compressor and Equalizer Effects in HitFilm Free Version But New Modes Only for HitFilm Pro are Put in Compressor and Equalizer Effects

2. Add in Export Mode

The Custom Option to export video from TikTok, Story and Instagram Reels

3. Create FXhome Cameras, FXhome RAW for the Cameras and that this Mode is Compatible in the Free Version of HitFilm and HitFilm Pro and Create Products for Multicamera and that it is Compatible for HitFilm Free and HitFilm Pro

4. HitFilm Free is without a watermark and Add Imerge Free


5. HitFilm and Imerge service is Available in Venezuela for all those who want to use HitFilm and Imerge in that Country and Plugins for HitFilm and Making Plugins in HitFilm for Composite Shot and Grade For Zoom Plugins, Animations, Special Effects, etc. also in MotionVFX and Motion Array.