Question regarding AMD drivers

fxhomer31976 Posts: 7 Just Starting Out*

Hey guys,

For the specs you need, I'm running a 5900X without any overclocking, 32Gb of DDR4 ram clocked at base speed of 3200mhz, and a 6900XT also without overclocking. I am aware that Hitfilm apparently doesn't like certain versions of AMD drivers and will crash the moment you start video editing.

Right now I'm on version 22.10.3, with 22.11.1 available for update. 22.10.3 is of course crashing hitfilm.

Two questions. Is there a setting I need to disable in hitfilm for it to not crash using AMD GPUs? And are there specific drivers we know work? On my laptop I'm back to like... 22.9.5 as that was the last stable client to work, and I'd really rather not roll my desktop's GPU back to April drivers.