[✔]ERROR/BUG "There is not enough video memory avaliable for the application to render your project.

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After 1 or 2 minutes Hitfilm throws the error :

This problem happens to me very often. I always have to change something, like rendering settings, or updating video drivers, or updating hitfilm.

The first time it happened to me during rendering (to file) and I fixed it thanks to a youtube video. This video specified that I should disable hardware rendering.

Several months later, it started happening again. This time I fixed it by updating the video card drivers.

It always happens with the same error (Actually, similar. Always related to the Vram of the video card).

Now it happens again: I open the project, I wait 2 minutes and the program fails.

Every time I could always watch the Vram fill up and I couldn't do anything to limit it, restrict it or repair it from the excessive use that Hitfilm has.

I repeat, this error happened to me about 4 or 5 times and I always fixed it in a totally different way.

Windows 10:


Drivers nvidia: The last ones from the official page

Hitfilm version: I downloaded it today. The latest version.

The video lasts 3 hours

Project data:


Now it happens that I can't work. Always after 2 minutes the vram is filled (without reaching the maximum) and hitfilm fails.

Is there a way to fix it or get it to developers who see this issue? Because it happens to me very often and it is always something different 😥

Thanks for read