How to remove background and not leave black ring.

Andy001z LordEarthPosts: 3,578 Ambassador

Hi, the image below shows the end result. I want to completely remove the black background from my render. As you can see I have tried removing with the stock background remove effect but that only does it so far and I am left with a black edge to my planet. I know it might be far simplar to have Blender render out an alpha channel or transparent background but I would like to know how to do this.

Any help gladly welcomed. PS: The white plane is only there to show that the black is still there on the edge of the planet.



  • GrayMotion
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    Nice render Andy. I've used that tutorial as a guide a few years back. If I recall (and looking at your Blender renders) that there is a lower atmosphere and an upper atmo both of which have a blue tint. Right?

    Now - I've never used Remove Background effect but I did play with it just for this response. The balance is either to pure black or pure white. If you go too far into black it will remove the blues. Now that second atmo has about the same balance of blues that the planet water has. So go too far and the water goes. Maybe drop the second atmo in Blender render and use Outer Glow or Super Glow in Hitfilm to bring it back. Or drop the BG in the original render so you dont have to remove the background? Just my thoughts.

    Anywhoo...your renders in your personal thread look pretty cool. 👍