Anyone else noticed Hitfilm 2022.3 taking a long time to open?

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I updated to HitFilm version 2022.3 recently and I noticed it took an abnormally long time to launch. My pc is well in spec, and my GPU drivers are up to date. I then went back to 2022.2 and HItFilm launched at a typical speed. Is this a bug or is this normal?

1st PC specs:

Windows 11 (22H2)

Ryzen 7 5800H 8c/16t

RTX 3050 ti 4 GB

512 GB PCIe NVMe m.2 SSD

16 GB DDR4 3200 Mhz

Thank you for your time!


  • leesang
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    me too ...

    win 19044.1949



    And BCC 3D Objects are also quite stuttery.

  • leesang
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    FXHOME이 어떤 원대한 목표를 가지고 일을 하고

    있는지 모른겠지만 프로그램에 대한 지원은 이제

    최악이라고 이야기해야 겠다.

    타사 비디오 프로그램의 업데이트 지원하고 비교하며

    더욱 그렇다.

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    @jtjutsvfx @leesang Please consider putting in a support ticket -

    I do not see this issue on my end. However, one thing to check might be your internet connection. I think HF likes to phone home on start up to check on updates and push adverts on the initial splash screen. AFAIK there is no way to disable the splash screen but you can double click directly on a project file and that should bypass it. Might be worth a try to see if that speeds things up. More here:

    Other things to check - Perhaps your virus software is in the way? Maybe disable it long enough to do a test. Also make sure you have plenty of resources available. Check Task Manager for resource hogs and go to the Startup tab and disable things that don't need to be running at system start. I turn off all Adobe related items for instance. None of that needs to be running until I need it.

  • NormanPCN
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    I have no comparison version to version to report but Hitfilm 2023.3 does take 45-55 seconds on first start after a reboot. Thus nothing in the disk cache. After the first start, an immediate second start takes 14 seconds or so (6-7 seconds to the splash screen). Hitfilm Pro 2021.2 starts in a few seconds cached and around 5-6 seconds uncached.

    My machine is running on a NVMe 2TB TLC SSD. i9 9900K 4.7Ghz, 32GB ram, Windows 11. I was pretty surprised on the time difference magnitude, uncached to cached.

  • Andy001z
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    I also can confirm that Hitfilm Pro 2022.3 is taking about 30 seconds longer to load. @philipwesson something going on here.

  • jtjutsvfx
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    I have gone back to 2022.2 for now. Thank you everyone for helping out!

  • CedricBonnier
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    That seems way longer than what I would expect. Is this still happening? A fresh install of 2022.3 shouldn't take any longer than 2022.2 really.

  • Andy001z
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    @CedricBonnier its not the install itself, it is the launch of the application.

  • NormanPCN
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    Is this still happening?

    I uninstalled 2022.3 and installed 2022.2. 2022.2 starts up about the same as Hitfilm Pro 2021.2. In other words, a handful of seconds. My previous time is in my previous post.