Just lost my pro upgrade before even getting to use it.

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I recently upgraded to PRO through the fxhome webside because I like the product and wanted to use some of the effects. after upgrading however, I wasnt able to update the actual software itself.

I have a invoice and transaction ID for the purchase from paypal, and the fchome website says that my account has the PRO version. No biggie, I think. I reached out to the support team to see if this issue could be resolved.

A while later, still no response from support, so i go to look back at my account, and my PRO version was cancelled, I still have the free version. no notice from paypal that the transaction was paused or cancelled. worried now that i just straight up got robbed.

anyone know what to do about this other than wait for support?


  • Stargazer54
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    @Dungood So sorry for you trouble!

    Keep in mind that Ambassadors and Moderators are not Staff and cannot do anything on our end with your purchase information. You will still need to wait for Support. But I will tag some Staff who may be able to move things along.

    @philipwesson @Dibz

    Plus, with this being Friday you might not hear anything until after the weekend.

  • Dibz
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    Morning @Dungood I am sorry to hear about the troubles you have experienced.

    The best thing to do will be as you have done and to send in a support ticket, I will make them aware of this thread for you