Resolving Flickering Auto Light Flares

DrIgnatiusCole Posts: 51 Just Starting Out*

I am doing a small project using Blender, Hitfilm and final editing in Resolve.

I am using hit film for compositing and effects, but I am having an issue with one of the main reason I want to use it; auto light flares.

I am using an emission render layer in order to generate the light flares for my shot, but they flicker unusably. I thought possibly it may be that changes in intensity in the emitters in my scene could be crossing the boundary of threshold - sometimes strong enough for the effect sometimes not.

So I tried changing the threshold and reducing the intensity of the effect, but it's not changing the "flickering" I am getting. I also tried the "Crush Blacks and Whites" in order to "normalise" the emission points. I suspect that part of the problem may be that the points I am trying to put the effect on is quite small, but it shouldn't affect the larger light points which are also unstable.

NB: The resolution of the render is quite high HD 1600 panoramic.

Could it be the type of effect - "anamorphic enterprise"?

It's the effect that I want - if it were stable. A small amount of fluctuation would be fine but this is too much.

So rather than me blindly stumble around trying to find something that works, does anyone know how I can mitigate this?