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I don't know if anyone here can help but maybe FXHome will see this. I purchased Imerge back in 2019-2020. I haven't used it for a while and found it was not stable and crashed a lot on Win 11. Now that I'm going to be doing more photo booth work, I decided to upgrade to the latest version (fixed the crashes) buy a Perpetual license because I hate subscriptions.

I made the purchase, but the software finds my old license after signing in and says that my license isn't valid. This results in watermarks and features being locked. When I look on the website, it shows my new perpetual license. I started an email thread with support, followed their suggestions such as deactivate the license and reinstall, but they stop responding. I've got some project commitments soon and need to get this resolved. Does anyone have any ideas or know a better way to communicate with tech support?



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    @philipwesson Can you look into this for this chap please.

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    Hi everyone. I heard back from support. The delay was because my agent was out of the office. She was able to resolve the issue by refunding my new Imerge Pro purchase and Perpetual license and instead have my buy the Perpetual license extension for my original Imerge. Now that I've done that, the software sees the correct license and everything works. Thanks again!