Is there any kind of selection tool in Hitfilm?

Hello, I'm a novice self-taught editor and am still learning the surface of HitFilm despite using the program for years, and I was wondering if there was a way to mark a certain section of a video to receive specific effects, like the selection tool in Photoshop—i.e. say I have a recording of a match from a multiplayer video game with the other players' names listed at the bottom of the screen and I wish to blur them out; would there be a way to blur out that specific area and not the rest of the video?

When I come across this kind of problem I usually opt to lay a copy of the video on a higher track and then make a mask for the area I want to edit on the top video, and then simply edit the top layer accordingly. However, I wanted to inquire if there was a more streamlined way to do this, as this method feels somewhat clunky.


  • Triem23
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    Non-linear Editors, in general, have fundamentally different workflows than a photo editor, and that's what you're running into here.

    In an NLE you just can't lay an effect over part of a single media layer and mask that effect. It's always going to require two layers.

    You can either do what you've done - make a second copy of the media layer and mask it - or you can create a grade layer and mask that.

    Now, in Hitfilm order of operations is different for media and grade layers. In a media layer masks apply BEFORE effects, so something like a glow will expand beyond the masked element. A grade layer forces a render of everything below itself then passes that to its effects chain (this has the "effect" of applying effects filters to all layers under itself, but there are other implications as well), but in a grade layers masks are applied AFTER effects, so a glow would be cut off by the mask.

    So, yeah, that's how NLEs deal with effects. Sorry this isn't the answer you were hoping for.