Exporting tracking Data via FBX?

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Just wondering if HitFilm Pro's Foundry tracker allows you to export the tracking data via FBX format? I am looking to import a camera solve in HitFilm to Houdini to match move some VFX before importing back to HitFilm. I suspect this is not possible, but thought I would ask. Thanks in advance.


  • Triem23
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    Depends on which version of Hitfilm Pro you have. I believe it's 2021.1 and later, but, if you right-click on a camera layer you should see an option to export that camera as FBX. This should apply to a manually animated camera, or one tracked via Mocha or Foundry. Look for a blue info box with "FBX" highlighted on this manual page...

    That said, I'm not certain if you can also export other points added to the scene.

    Addendum. The "Import Tracking Data" function imports Maya format (.ma). I'm not certain about FBX. I think a change log said FBX cameras can be imported but pre-2022 changelogs are no longer available on this site, so I can't check. The manual page on importing tracking data might be in error. Tagging @AxelWilkinson for clarification.