How can I speed up my PC

caroljames972022 Posts: 3 Just Starting Out
I am using an old PC and its speed is very slow now. It stops working when I open 3 4 new tabs in my browser. I tried to solve this issue by deleting temp files and recent files but it didn't work. Please suggest to me how can I do that. My system specs are mentioned below

Window 7 Ultimate
256 GB Hard


  • caroljames972022
    caroljames972022 Posts: 3 Just Starting Out
    Should I upgrade my system <a href="">PHENOM DUAL</a>processor or RAM etc or I should Install some software to clean junk files?
  • tddavis
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    @caroljames972022 It really depends on what type of work you plan to use it. Windows 7 is not supported to run Hitfilm any longer, and I dare say, there are numerous programs that would be able to run on it. Recommended RAM for Hitfilm is 8GB so that would need to be upgraded, and last, (don't take this for gospel) I am pretty sure that a dual core processor will not run Hitfilm either. If you truly intend to use Hitfilm, then you simply will need to get a newer machine keeping the recommended system requirements in mind from this page here: