Big frustration ... and the personal reason why I will NEVER subcribe.

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As I was on looking for an editing program I found my way to Hitfilm Express in June. There was a chart on the website which proclaimed the advantage of Hitfilm Express. One point ... and the biggest for me was "one price, no subscription".

After testing the program, I bought several add-ons. Only ONE month later, without ANY preinformation, the pricing was changed. So here I am, with only the half of the add-ons I would like to have and no further opportunity to buy the rest.

Now knowing that I was lied to regarding the pricing, left alone without any possibility to use the program the full way I want to, there is no trust left and no willing to pay any cent for something I already have in parts.

So I have only the hope that there will be a solution for one who bought already add-ons and want expand the numbers of add-ons the want.


  • spyresca
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    And you'll also know the joy of knowing that in order to use the add-on's you paid for, you'll be forever stuck with an old, probably never to be updated, deprecated version of Hitfilm Express.