You guys have the best Chroma keyer!

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I upgraded to Hitfilm 3 Pro last week, and to be honest, so far the plugins have been the best part of the upgrade for me. As much as I'd like to use the HitFilm editor, I've been using Sony Vegas for over 15 years now, since before it could even edit video, so it's almost impossible to get my head around a different way of working. Although I'm keen to get more into the 3D compositing.

Anyway, I fired up the Hitfilm Chroma keyer in Vegas, and wow, it easily beats anything I've used before. Up until now I was using the Boris BCC keyer, but with that I'd have to first load the Sony Chroma blur plugin to remove the jagged edges. Which meant losing detail around the edges. But with the Hitfilm Chromakeyer, it just works and provides smooth edges without any chroma blur. 

Below is a shot I tried keying with it. What amazed me here is the hair detail. In other chromakey plugins I've used, most of that would be gone. I had the erode here set to 3, but still didn't really lose any of that hair detail. Most of which is in an out of focus area too.

Hitfilm Chromakey test.

I also used the Hitfilm Spill supression plugin as well, and it worked perfectly. Definitely better than any other spill supressor. 

So basically, I'm really impressed with these plugins. Obviously they've been around for a while, but I never actually tried keying anything in Hitfilm Ultimate 2 before. Once again, due to being more comfortable with Vegas. 

I'm also quite impressed by how well the Atomic Particles plugin runs in Vegas too. It actually runs faster and smoothly in Vegas than in Hitfilm itself. Possibly because my video files are AVCHD.


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    Hey @Avene - that's great to hear :) 
    Often the chroma key can be overlooked as an important feature, but it's so important to get that fine key, especially on hair and lace etc. 

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    Nice! This is precisely the reason we decided to include the plugins as part of HitFilm 3 Pro. As you point out, if you've been using an NLE for 15 years, nothing's going to tear you away from it. The idea with HitFilm 3 Pro was to provide lots of different workflow options, so that the software wraps around your current way of working, rather than forcing you to change your whole setup.

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    What I particularly like about the Plug-Ins is the multi-host capabilities. The only other company doing that is NewBlue. BCC is likely to leave my workflow, since it's Vegas-Only, and I don't feel like paying two thousand to get it into AE and Premiere. The Hitfilm plug-ins give me the first suite unified across ALL my hosts, which will make it easier to develop consistent workflow across the board. 

    To myvideo buddies, I am trying to sell Hitfilm 3 as "a 130 effect plug-ins suite that runs in all your hosts on three machines for $300. It comes with a free compositor/editor stand-alone to add to your kit!  

    That is a VERY clean key. 

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     Hi Kristie, yes, that's true. It's one of those effects that most people would take for granted. But I'd say it's that good, it could probably be sold as a standalone product, like Primatte or one of the other well known keyers.

    Simon, yeah I was almost going to buy the plugins when they were released, but somehow never got around to it, so the $169 upgrade was a no brainer :) What I would really like to use the Hitfilm compositer for, is to set up 3D enviroments that I can put chromakeyed people in and use some motion tracked hand held camera movement. Possibly using the new projection mapping feature. Waiting for a nice tutorial for that one though

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    Oh no, only half my post got posted

  • Avene
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    And even less of that last comment got posted! I think I better give up attempting to post to this for from my phone (a Lumia 930).. Doesn't seem to be working out too well

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