Editing a transition in HitFilm Express

PJ_001 Posts: 1

I am trying to make a slideshow with audio in HitFilm Express and have got stuck with editing a transition. I have entered some images into the timeline and added a transition between the first and second images. I want to edit the transition, eg change its duration, but I just cannot see how to select it. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.



  • FilmSensei
    FilmSensei Posts: 3,156 Expert

    Move your mouse cursor to either end of the transition, then left click and hold while moving the mouse. You will be able to adjust the duration to the exact number of frames you would like.

  • Stargazer54
    Stargazer54 Posts: 3,899 Ambassador

    And you may need to zoom in on the timeline to be able to grab the handle at either end of the transition. Once you have centered the cursor, zoom in/out with the Ctl key and scroll wheel on your mouse.

    Or you can drag the little dot at the bottom of the timeline assets list to zoom in/out. The little plus or minus magnifying glass icons are also active.