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They could make the text outline effect more beautiful


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    @danielleget15 Feature Request posts should go into https://community.fxhome.com/categories/hitfilm-feature-requests.

    Since you have several items listed, some may already have a post associated with them in that category. Find them and give them an "Up" vote.

    If not, you can create a new post for each completely separate item on your wish list (or keep them together if they are very similar) and then the rest of us can up vote Up your posts in Feature Requests.

    I will attempt to answer your first question (if I understand it correctly). You can zoom in and out on the Edit timeline using the Control key and your scroll mouse wheel. To zoom in and out in the Viewer ( I assume you want to get a closer look at your tracking points) you can use use Ctl key and the scroll mouse wheel, then select the Hand tool in the upper left to drag the window around. To put things back to rights, click on the magnifying glass icon in the lower left and select Scale to Fit.