Imerge link Install error

Hi community !

I suscribe Imerge yesterday but i can't install it !

I receive an error when i double-clik on the link to install software :

{"message":"Invalid signature.","data":[],"code":403}

Is someone can help me ?

Thank you very much all !



  • Stargazer54
    Stargazer54 Posts: 3,979 Ambassador

    @Fotagora I saw your PM. This was my response. Perhaps others on the list might have a better clue.

    "Sorry you are having issues.

    There are probably two things I can think of that would show this kind of error. Either the downloaded installer is corrupt or your system does not meet minimum requirements. Check your minimum requirements with those listed here -

    If you meet specs then I would suggest contacting FXHome support at the lower right of the page and click on "Contact Us"."

  • Dibz
    Dibz QA Tester Posts: 178 Staff

    @Fotagora I am sorry about the late reply on this issue, I believe this is something that has now been fixed and will be working correctly.

    Please feel free to tag me if it is not though.