How does HitFilm manage the BT.2020 color space?

laconstantedeplanck Posts: 111 Enthusiast

Hello there,

I've recently bought a new camera (Sony a6400) which has the ability to shoot HLG1-3/BT.2020 footage. I'm not shooting slog2/3 as the video is still 8 bit (4:2:0 internal or 4:2:2 external but 8 bit nonetheless) and a log picture profile is not the best when dealing with such a small bit depth.

So, after importing the video (4K, 24p, HLG3/BT.2020, 8 bit 4:2:0, MP4), if I click Properties, I can only choose from Rec.709 and Rec.601 color spaces:

How is HitFilm converting BT.2020 to Rec.709? If I apply a BT.2020 to Rec.709 LUT the result doesn't seem appealing (tried several well-known LUTs but got similar results). Haven't tried in Resolve, so can't compare. The footage was ETTR as most guides suggest. Should I use the LUT procedure or is there some setting project-wise to specify the color space? I've tried the Color Space Converter effect but that seems to be refering to RGB channels.