can not see my project, it does not appear.

AndyGSteam Posts: 30 Just Starting Out*

Hi again Comunity.

While working in an open project all was well.

Some how, while working I managed to rearrange the appearance of the layout of the "desk top" if that is what you call it.

I tried to get it back to my normal appearance but messed it up.

When I exited the program completely I now find.......

The projects appear on the left, to open as normal.

I can open the various projects to work on them (all except the project I was working on when all went wrong).

When I click on that project there is a brief glimpse of the "project loading bar" and percentage done, then it disappears and I am just left with the opening "welcome screen" with my project list down the left hand side and the HitFilm advertisements middle of screen as usual.

Can anybody suggest how I can get to open my project again to work on it.


Andy G.