Problems with 4k AVI Export

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Intel i7-2630QM, 2.00 GHz, 8.00 GB Ram, nVidia Geforce GT 550M, Windows 7 64 bit. 


I was working on a total of 15 individual VFX shots using 4k (non DCI) 23.976 fps .MOV files from the Panasonic GH4. I chose to export my footage as uncompressed AVI files using the same settings as the GH4 footage, (4k, 23,976). When I imported these files into Adobe Premiere, the software indicated an error in the file structure of these files, and that the XML metadata could not be read. Upon preview of these files, the footage was split in half horizontally, (bottom half of video was palced on top, top on the bottom), and one half would be discolored and would cycle through different colors during scroll through. I imported the footage back into hitfilm to confirm the issue and the problem persisted.


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    I did not see Panasonic GH4 into Adobe Premiere supported native camera formats, and the best way to enable Adobe Premiere to support and edit your 4K videos into transcode it to Adobe Premiere accepted WMV, MPEG and MOV. That works everytime for me.

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    @wolf3ax - could you upload one of these clips? Doesn't have to be anything long, just a second would work for us to test with. We've done various 4K workflow and export tests without any problems, and I just tried an uncompressed AVI 4K export withot problems, so this may be specific to your footage.

    If you can provide us with a sample we can then properly test it here.

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    Just curious how that rig handles 4K. It's about the same level of hardware as my machine, and I can quickly bring it to a crawl. 

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    @Triem23 I Can't imagine it would handle 4K very well. I have a i7 2600K (3.4GHz), GTX 660, 24 GB RAM, Windows 8.1 and just playing back a UHD (Panasonic 100mbps) 25p file in HitFilm is not smooth.

    I tried creating a proxy for a 15 second clip, it took 13 minutes and resulted in a 17GB file. The proxy file playback starts off skiping frames but seems to come right near the end. There must be something smart going on with the proxy files however as 17GB for 15 seconds is over 1GB/s and am pretty certain my HDD is not that fast.

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    A good video converter is neccessary. My advice is that  you can try some free video converters like Format Factory.  In addition, according to what you said, I have found some freewares.  Here is it
    In addition, here are guides for how to convert videos

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    @__simon__ I'd guess HitFilm keeps the proxies in RAM as well as long as there's space left, and you seem to have enough RAM for that.

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