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Hi all, I haven't updated in a while. Didn't see the pop up that comes up to prompt you. Well I did and I no longer have the gui on my pc's desktop and it look like I now have to sign into a web site to access Hit film. Is this right?? I been using hit film for 2-3 years now so this is different. Did I miss something. Thanks in advance.

looks like I figured it out. I think I downloaded the free version by mistake .


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    So to catch you up real quick… in June, FXhome added a subscription option for HitFilm and combined all versions (ie. “Express” and “Pro”) into a single installer. You can still get a perpetual HitFilm Pro plan for the same price as before, but if you previously bought Pro every year or every other year, you may want to look into the subscription plans, which are cheaper if you like to always have access to the latest version, and also include Imerge Pro, and stock music and templates from Artlist.

    A Free version of HitFilm still exists, however, Add-ons are gone. If you previously purchased addons, you’ll need to use the last version of Express, which can be found in your account.

    If your Pro updates expired before June, you can also find the installer for your most recent version in your account.