[ENHANCEMENT] Easy fix: Project Name enhancement

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There is one thing that throws me off a lot of the times...

I suggest to add a field "Project name" on the window that comes up right when you press "NEW" to open a new project. The only way right now seems to be if you go to "save now" and then choose.

To me that is a little too late.

Anyone else see's that point too?


  • Triem23
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    I can see your point, but, as a retired Forum Moderator who has dealt with a bunch of user issues that - frankly - stem from users not reading dialog boxes or paying attention to the interface (like a user two days ago who reported a "bug" with image sequence import which was that user's own error - setting a default behavior in a pop-up box to which they clicked the 'Do Not Show Again" checkbox without reading what it said, then that same user ignoring the correct advice given by another user on how to reset Hitfilm's default behavior and *still* complaining about a "bug" which was their error), I can see a bunch of users complaining about how Hitfilm is constantly overwriting their project files because it keeps giving everything the same name without an option to change it because they weren't paying attention.

    I've gotten a bit cynical in the past year.

    But, I've also up voted this feature request. It's not a bad idea as long as users actually pay attention to the dialog.

    @Andy001z @Stargazer54 @triforcefx incorrect headline syntax on the thread. Suggest "ENHANCEMENT" as it's a change to an existing dialog.