interested in specific plan.. @fxhome staff

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Hi fxhome team i know you guys don't work weekends, i even posted a ticket for a certain plan.. I saw a tailor made option and i was wondering if it is possible for hitfilm pro on its own?. I really don't need imerge pro.

Also could i use my old express login with free download version of hitfilm? to redeem my plugins i bought with old express?.



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    Your first has been answered a number of times, so I’ll give you the answer we’ve received before:

    Imerge is considered a “value add”. For some users, it may be worthless, but to others, it helps incentivize the purchase… a “HitFilm only” subscription would likely cost the same or nearly the same as the current “HitFilm + Imerge” subscription. It’s the same reason you can’t say “I want HitFilm, but I have no need for the particle simulator, so can I get a cheaper version without that?” That’s just not how it works.

    Even if Imerge wasn’t included, the Pro subscription already offers incredible value to users VS Perpetual if you were previously upgrading yearly or every other year. The addition of Imerge and the asset library just sweetens the deal even more.

    Tl;dr: No, you can’t get a “HitFilm only” subscription, but there is still plenty of value to be had with the Pro subscription, even if Imerge isn’t for you.

    As for your 2nd question:

    Addons are not supported in 2022 or later versions of HitFilm. Keeping them as a “legacy feature” would likely be difficult to maintain down the road. Not to mention, FXhome literally lost money on certain addons every time they had to update them (especially Mocha). That’s not a sustainable business practice.

    To use your addons, please use HitFilm Express 2021.3 or earlier.

    PS, you can keep HitFilm Express and the “new” HitFilm installed at the same time on your computer. Just take care not to open older files in the new HitFilm, or else you won’t be able to open them back in Express.

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    Note that Imerge has one specific feature which makes it quite valuable for Hitfilm work - you can export an Imerge project as a Hitfilm Comp Shot and each Imerge layer comes in as a seperate Hitfilm Layer. This is useful when creating multiplanar set extensions and matte paintings. With every other photo editor you'd have to generate your layers, mute all but one, export as PNG with transparency, mute that layer, enable the next, export and repeat, then go back into Hitfilm, load in all the PNGs, and manually drag then all in. I'd rather do a simple export/import once and have everything lined up and ready to go...

    The second thing I love Imerge for is merging HDR brackets and saving out as an EXR for processing in Photomatix (my HDR processor of choice). Imerge is almost ten times faster at doing the merge step than Photomatix, and, sometimes I'm merging a couple dozen brackets from a day. Just that has saved me hours and hours of time. If you don't do HDR photography this won't matter to you, but, in my specific use cases Imerge is well worth the price.

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    Thanks for the detailed explanation guys. Helped ! Have a great day!

    p.s you definetely don't seem like monday people lol

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    @Andersen01498 ah. $20 a month for Photoshop alone or $10/month for Hitfilm and Imerge. Thanks for strengthening @triforcefx's point about how a "Hitfilm only" package would likely be about the same price.

    Why might you start using Imerge now? I gave a specific use case example, above. Dunno what you get paid, but I almost always was paid per-project, not per-hour, so skipping a bunch of export/import/line up steps instead of exporting a single Hitfilm comp shot happened to save me time, thus, money. Your mileage may vary.

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    @Andersen01498 Apreciate your reply, i have no use for imerge pro , already have something else for it. plus i'm no photographer. As i'm more focused on my channel growth.

    Also i'm not interested in adobe products, too expensive. Where a hitfilm is the right budget, but i i would hitfilm pro 2022.2 On it's own as a tailored plan.

    @Triem23 i've used photomatix for a long while, long before i was using luminar 4. I only need luminar for its one time payment and regular updates but i don't really have the time for learning a new software like imerge..