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Hi there, there is a section of the Artlist Creator Pro license that has confused me and I wondered if anyone could give me some clarification on how I can use the Artlist music that comes with HitFilm Pro. Here is the section:

Or from the official Artlist website:

In what formats/mediums?

  • Video clips
  • Advertisements
  • Films
  • Series
  • Podcasts
  • Animations
  • Presentations
  • Slides

What exactly does this mean? I am not sure what videos fall under these terms.

Thank you for your time! It is very appreciated!


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    Don't worry about this. It's basically legal-speak that translates into "use it for whatever you want."

    Are you doing video that tells a story? That's a Video Clip, Film or Series.

    Are you doing informational video, like a documentary or tutorial? That's a Presentation.

    Are you giving a live talk in front of an audience? That's a Presentation and/or Slideshow.

    Podcasts are covered, and, of course, Animations and commercials.

    It's just a list of examples. Oddly enough, plays aren't included. As written a theater sound designer wouldn't be allowed to use Artlist music and sound effects in a play. I'm pushing it with including documentaries under Presentations. @KirstieT is that correct? Perhaps live theater should be added to the use list (if Artlist is cool with that). As a former theatrical sound designer, I'd have LOVED to have a good internet repository for audio... As it is, well... I have a couple hundred CDs of sound effects, and it took quite a while to digitize and catalog them all.