Hitfilm Pro 16 does not show option to import 120 fps video

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Highest I see is 60 fps. Please advise.


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    The highest frame rate Timeline in Hitfilm is 100 fps. This is more than enough because nothing plays back video at 120fps. Film is still 24, TV is 25 or 30, depending on your country. One or two channels can broadcast at 60, but this is only done for sports.

    YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, TikTok and Twitter all max out at 60fps.

    So, since nothing plays back 120fps video there is literally no need for you to edit at 120fps.

    120 (and 240 or more) fps recording exists for only one reason - to have extra frames available for smooth slow motion.

    Editing at 60 lets you do perfectly smooth 1/2 speed, and "smooth enough" 1/4 speed (this would be 30 frames/sec on a 60 fps Timeline, but, since broadcast TV is 25 or 30, no one will notice).

    The real trick is that Hitfilm is a little wonky at how it handles fps. Video is conformed to the project Timeline as soon as it's dropped on the Timeline. This means if you drop 120fps footage on a 60fps Timeline it is instantly converted to 60fps footage by throwing away half the frames. If you now try to use Rate Stretch or the Speed effect to create slow motion, you've already lost the extra frames to keep it smooth...

    So, if you want to do slow motion it's better to duplicate the footage in Hitfilm's Media Bin, rename the duplicate (try ">File< half-speed," or ">File< quarter speed") right click the duplicate, select "Properties," look for frames per second, uncheck "From File," and change the fps. 60 for 1/2 speed, 30 for 1/4 speed. Now when you drop the file on the Timeline it will already be slow motion - and smooth. Yes, if you're moving between full speed and slow motion, you're treating this as cutting between two clips. It's awkward, but it's what you have to do to get perfectly smooth slow motion in Hitfilm.

    Using Rate Stretch to SPEED UP footage is fine. Speeding up footage throws away frames. Not a problem.

    Last note - a Hitfilm Timeline sets an absolute frame count. You MUST set your project Timeline to the desired Export framerate. If you edit at 60 and export at 30 your Export will be twice as long and your video will be twice as long at half speed with normal audio. If you edit at 30 and export at 60, your video will be half the time at double speed with normal audio.

    Hope this helps!